beyond your needs…

TVS Studios, designed to answer all your needs Studios, advanced Light, His, Truss, Reji, fitting, LED Display Systems, Decor Design and Implementation services you imagine the project will serve to make real.

entertainment industry to this day, launch night on the television program, It signed a very prestigious project of the concert until the appointed corporate meeting TVS Studios; creative solution oriented staff, With all the visual and auditory advanced technology investments to meet your needs you are trying to create infinite possibilities for its customers.

The dynamics of a very successful and experienced team has been made so far, The long-term and successful results realized sector has earned the distinction of being the most respected solution partner. TVS Studios; open to innovation and solutions within the team continues to perform imagined projects with partners.


our vision

"The last possible limits, Reach and strive to achieve the impossible, but. Actual opportunities, It is the result of forced impossibility. "

Excellence and the best time to invent an understanding of cost management services to the needs of customers and work until you get to a different construction of the project has captured the dynamism of time. perform Because great ideas, passes together to make a difference.


our Mission

our first customer projects, inspiring and flawless is to be your solution partner offering full and unlimited services beyond those requested by the crew of infrastructure and equipment in order to provide a reality.

Changing continuously renewed and advanced technologies as well as industry-leading investment policy followed by, work-based way of friendship between the trust and loyalty with our partners to transform a long-term communication.